Freelance Writer + Author

Jessica Rowshandel (they/them) is a freelance writer and author of the book Lupus: 365 Tips for Living Well. They have written extensively about coping with lupus, which includes educating readers about health and science literacy — an indispensable skill in an era proliferated with fake and misleading news. As an intersectional (former) social worker with a graduate degree from Columbia University, they’re driven to bring awareness to social issues through writing. Jessica is a lifelong poet and fiction writer and is particularly fond of the worlds of magical realism and speculative and science fiction where anything is possible. In addition to writing, they explore the cosmos both as a visual artist and a space science enthusiast. To contact Jessica, send an email to jrowshandel [at]


“Bed Sheets” in Statement Magazine (forthcoming)

“ex gf moon landing” and “Landscape of an Apartment Rental” in beestung (forthcoming)

“Broken House” (an exquisite corpse with poet Ripley Hush) in Icebreakers Lit

“Used Love Salesman” and “Jess and the Real Mom” in Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself

Calibration in “Company Policy” issue of MIDLVLMAG

Dinner in the print anthology Epiphanies and Late Realizations of Love

Short Stories

A shitty draft of “The Death Machine” in trash to treasure lit where trashed work is given new life

“Language is a Virus from Outer Space: Divining Burroughs” in the print anthology Fever Spores: The Queer Reclamation of William S. Burroughs

“Pink: A Short Story” in HiConcept Magazine

Earth & Space Science

Create Your Own Earth GIFs With NASA’s Worldview App!

No Telescope? No Problem. Explore Space Using Hubble Telescope Image Data

Social Justice

Improving Los Angeles Public Transportation Is a Civil Rights Issue – Samples – Ending Homelessness Blog (Request Access)


Lupus: 365 Tips for Living Well (book)

Lupus and Community-Based Social Work (academic journal)

Using Photovoice Techniques to Empower Lupus Patients and Create Public Awareness: A Program Evaluation (conference abstract) – Samples – Coping with Lupus Articles (Request Access)

S.L.E. Lupus Foundation – Coping with Lupus (Available Upon Request)

Visual Art

Artist Stories: A Social Justice Project – Archive

Women: By, Of, About at Nancy Hoffman Gallery